Want to play in college? One Wisconsin is proud to announce our Recruiting Services Team!

One Wisconsin is proud to announce the hiring of Lauren Hansen, Recruiting Director, to the One Wisconsin team! Lauren in conjunction with Site Directors will offer athletes at One Wisconsin unprecedented support in the world of college recruiting leveraging their relationships, expertise and passion to provide a unique service that will rival anything the top clubs in the country provide.

Lauren Hansen - Recruiting Director

As One Wisconsin's Recruiting Director, Lauren will be responsible for maintaining current information on what college coaches are looking for in each class as well as assisting our Recruiting Coordinator matching One Wisconsin's athletes to college programs. Lauren will often assist our Recruiting Coordinator in conducting PSA Consultations as well as conducting seminars, recruiting combines and developing resources for our athletes to guide them through the recruiting process throughout their career.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to guide the players of One Wisconsin to achieve their dreams of playing collegiate volleyball. One Wisconsin shares in the same vision as I do for their athletes and getting to the next level. Myself and One Wisconsin's amazing staff, will set One Wisconsin apart from all other clubs in the Midwest.

Lauren Hansen, Recruiting Director

I cannot say enough about Lauren and her active involvement with the recruiting process for VC United. She has went above and beyond for us personally. I truly feel at all levels of play with the club she works to get your name out there and really works to find the perfect fit for the player.

Brenda Lessman, Mom of Rae Ann Bergman - 2019 - MB - Bradley University

Our Process

Step 1

Complete PSA Questionnaire
Players start the recruiting process by completing the Prospective Student Athlete form that will be submitted to Lauren Hansen. This process generally starts between your freshman and sophomore year.
PSA Questionnaire

Step 2

PSA Consultation
Once receiving the PSA Questionnaire, Lauren will contact the player and her family to schedule a PSA Consultation to discuss the recruiting process. The process varies for each player, so Lauren will help each family navigate the process and help them to understand timelines.

Step 3

Video, Video, Video
Players that want to be recruiting in today's college game must have video. Parents will receive instructions on how to video their child during matches. Video will be submitted to Lauren so that she can prepare "Highlight Reels" that will be used to market the player via social media and web platforms.

Step 4

Recruiting Visits & Camps
Players will begin the process of attending Official & Unofficial Visits after September 1st of their Junior year. Prior to that players may attend special camps or clinics hosted by college programs, VC United or other 3rd Party camps. These camps are NOT required but may lead to additional exposure.

Step 5

Verbal Commitments & Signings
Once a player receives and offer and decides that the school is the right fit for them, they make a "Verbal Commitment" to the program. That commitment will stay in place until their Senior Year when they will likely sign a National Letter of Intent to play for a school. (Dependent on scholarship situation.)

Recruiting Myths

You Should Hire A Recruiting Service

If you are not a member of VC United, that might be the case. There are a number of recruiting services out there that promise to deliver exposure and the hopes of a scholarship. NCSA, CaptainU, independent consultants, etc. However, as a player at VC United, the simple fact of the matter is that you simply need to work with VC United's recruiting team to navigate the process. There is NO NEED to spend additional funds on outside services!

You MUST attend Recruiting Combines

Recruiting Combines (Showcases) have become the latest "money grab" in the recruiting world. While there are several that offer amazing exposure, many do NOT. Do your research and make sure the combine has an established history of college coaches attending. Please know that 150 college coaches can NEVER see hundreds of athletes in a short time frame. Combines are likely to have a low return on investment.

It is TOO late for me to get recruited

The recruiting process is different for EVERY player. It is NEVER too late. Recruiting needs are changing constantly in the college game as players will transfer, medically retire or simply quit programs all the time. We have many stories of players committing to BIG TIME schools late in their senior year. Never stop dreaming!

We will NEVER get seen on a 2's team

Many players and parents FEAR that not being on the top team will affect recruiting. That simply ISN'T true. Most college coaches believe the level of training a player receives is much more impactful to recruiting than being on a top team. Here is a great article on the subject.

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VC United is extremely proud of what we've accomplished with our players and their families on the recruiting front! Congratulations to all the athletes that have made their commitments and/or signed their National Letter of Intent!

Class of 2020

Ashley Sharkus - LIB - Eastern Illinois University (NCAA DI)
Brooke Amann - OH - South Dakota State Univ (NCAA D1)
Jaden Julius - OH - Northern Illinois University (NCAA DI)
Kamryn Olson - ST - Central Michigan University (NCAA DI)
Katie Angel - LIB - South Dakota School of Mines (NCAA DII)
Olivia Taylor - LIB - Tennessee Tech (NCAA DII)
Tayler Alden - ST - Northern Iowa University (NCAA DI)

VC United: Class of 2019 Signings


VC United is excited to beginning following our Alumni! Below are our alumni and links to their respective college programs!


Check out what people are saying about Lauren Hansen (Recruiting Director) in her role for VC United! We couldn't be more fortunate to have ONE OF THE BEST with her background and experience behind the players for VC United!